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We know that it’s a blend of smile health and smile beauty that creates a winning smile. Dr. Frank J. Milnar DDS, AAACD is a master clinician with a strong foundation in general, preventative and restorative care. He is also a fully Accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a leader in the field of Smile Design.

Smile design is a combination of science and art. Top restorative techniques are blended with artistic vision to create a smile that feels and looks absolutely natural. Each person is unique, so each smile needs be unique. It is a couture, tailored and customized process; one that only a dentist with artistic vision can provide.

Dr. Milnar believes in minimally invasive dentistry.  He uses scientific advances to perform the least amount of dentistry needed to create the smile you deserve. He and his team will work to keep as much of your natural tooth structure as possible while enhancing your smile.  This means less work, less cost, but a more beautiful smile.

Smile design takes the entire person into consideration. It is different than tooth design and involves much more than restoring a tooth and matching its color. There are many elements of smile design that a good cosmetic dentist needs to look at, such as tooth coloring, tooth size, dental structure and facial characteristics and personality, to design a natural looking, comfortable fitting, beautiful smile.

Dr. Milnar views esthetic based dentistry as an art form. He is a master at matching tooth color and form and is an educator in the area full smile design. He adds an element of artistry to create smiles that enhance the entire person, highlighting their positive facial characteristics and creating a smile that is a natural and healthy looking fit.