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Bioclear with Dr. Frank J. Milnar

Learn all about this new service with Dr. Milnar. Click here to go straight to his case studies.

What is Bioclear?

Bioclear was founded in 2007 by dentist and inventor Dr. David Clark with his vision of creating a new system of products for a modern approach to restorative dentistry. Dr. David Clark founded the Bioclear Learning Center in Tacoma, Washington ( Doctors who complete Bioclear Learning Center courses have the opportunity to become Bioclear Certified Doctors. Frank J. Milnar DDS, AAACD has completed all the basic and advanced Bioclear courses. Dr. Milnar has been awarded the Tier 4: Master Level Certificate. A clinician at this level has completed all available technique courses and is trained to treat all levels of cases.  He has treated and presented multiple clinical cases and a complex smile design case for peer review. He has been deemed proficient in the Bioclear Method by Dr.Clark. Dr. Milnar has been awarded the Visiting Faculty status at the Bioclear Learning Center. Visiting Faculty Members have achieved Master Level in the Bioclear Method.  In addition to demonstrating technical proficiency, Dr.Milnar has demonstrated an ability to convey the material to others. These individuals have been invited to instruct at one of the worldwide Bioclear Learning Center Locations. Dr. David Clark and Bioclear have changed the course of dental restorations by bringing new dimension to esthetics and function through cutting-edge procedural advances. The Bioclear Method is a revolutionary way in the dental industry offering more affordable options with superior results. It is the Bioclear mission to provide qualified dentists with the tools and equipment to allow for longer lasting, stronger, and esthetically superior composites.

What is the Bioclear Modern Dentistry Method?

The Bioclear matrix system is the newest and best method to re-engineer and strengthen teeth with minimal reduction of tooth structure using the injection over-molding process. The procedural cost for using the Bioclear matrix system is higher for the dentist and the patient. Most dentists perform typical” Bonding” procedures. With Bioclear, the dentist needs to invest in equipment and materials above and beyond what is normally used in a dental office. This cost is substantial. The dentist must travel to the Bioclear Learning Center to learn the methods and techniques for placing Bioclear restorations. Bioclear is not typical bonding. A certified Bioclear dentist has made a significant investment to strengthen your teeth in a quality manner. The cost of equipment and material include a special composite warming device, paste and flowable composites, patented Bioclear matrixes that fit different teeth, isolation materials, specialized cleaning and placement instruments. These items are not found in most offices so the practitioner must invest in these necessities to help their patients. The second significant investment is the actual education on how to use these specialized pieces of technology to produce beautiful results.

Bioclear costs to patients

The cost of Bioclear restorations compared to the typically bonded restorations is dramatic. The placement of bonding is much simpler to a dentist than the Bioclear Matrix Method. With bonding, you prepare the area and place multiple layers of composite to the tooth hoping it is shaped right and doesn’t stain and irritate the gum tissue. With Bioclear, there is less loss of tooth structure and the restoration is repairable. Also, the selected teeth are isolated, the tooth surfaces are decontaminated with a “micro blaster” to make sure there are no bacteria on the tooth surface to be treated; patented clear forms are placed around the teeth and slightly under the gum. Etching is done, surface agents are placed and the warmed composite is “injection molded” around all sides. These techniques ensure the strength of the Bioclear restoration is near that of porcelain veneers because the warm molding placement adheres to your tooth in one piece which is called “monolithic”. When you see the difference in the techniques and added materials, you understand why Bioclear is more expensive than bonding. Therefore, a Bioclear restoration is less expensive than a porcelain veneer, it saves tooth structure which is irreversible.

Who can benefit form Bioclear?

One-third of adults have anesthetic black triangles, which are more appropriately referred to as “open gingival embrasures.” Besides being unsightly and prematurely aging the smile, black triangles are prone to accumulate food debris and excessive plaque. A recent study of patient attitudes found patient dissatisfaction with black triangles to rank quite high among esthetic defects, ranking third following carious lesions and dark crown margins. If you go online and search “dental black triangles,” you will be able to view hundreds of black triangle questions from patients, as well as patient complaints and lawsuits resulting from adult orthodontic cases and post-periodontal therapy papilla loss. This clinical and esthetic dilemma demands more attention from our profession. Until now, there has been no disciplined minimally invasive approach for treatment. Today, instead of improvising and struggling, Bioclear offers a specific, predictable protocol to treat this problem.
When researching online, read how “Cosmetic Dentistry Experts” tell the public that bonding is inferior to porcelain veneers. That is due in large part to a flawed system, lack of training, and a lack of proper engineering principles for composite that leave that case sooner or later to look like poor asphalt patchwork.  The Bioclear approach is not bonding.  It is injection over molding.  Instead of just patching the tooth, the Bioclear Matrix and method allows the entire tooth to be over-molded with variable thickness composite. Properly done, it is superior to porcelain for both black triangles and young post-orthodontic patient’s patients.
An attractive smile is white teeth framed by lips and healthy pink gums. Unfortunately, as we age, many of us develop black triangles around our teeth. These triangles are caused by receding gums, which expose more of our teeth than we want to show. Fortunately, with Bioclear’s modern Dentistry, Dr. Milnar now has a new technique for closing black triangles. Bioclear is a unique, flowable composite that can be injection molded around your teeth, closing black triangles and reshaping your teeth to create an attractive smile.
View Dr.Milnar’s clinical cases restored with the Bioclear Method. Call Dr.Minar’s dental office for a Bioclear consultation.

Bioclear Summary

Bioclear matrices and the Bioclear method is a minimally invasive, strong and natural looking restoration to enhance and strengthen worn, broken and unsightly teeth. It is not bonding even though they both use composite. Bioclear uses specially designed clear matrices and warm injection molding technique that makes it monolithic and not layered. Monolithic means it is three times stronger than bonding and nearly as strong as porcelain veneers. The cost is less than porcelain veneers and about 25% more than conventional bonding. Bioclear restorations are indicated for dark triangles, chipped or worn teeth and rejuvenation of the edges of front teeth. All is of this is done with no or minimal damage your tooth structure.

Case Studies

Each case study show here has been performed by Dr. Milnar.